Humble Introduction & Purpose

Greetings all and thank you for visiting this blog site. By way of introduction, my name is Christopher Siekman and I am a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, California. Currently, I’m enrolled in Emerging Media & the Market; a fast-pace, dynamic course in West Virginia University’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program.

Essentially, this course focuses on the role emerging media plays in the greater IMC campaign. More specifically, this class will examine several types of emerging media to include, but not limited to podcasts, Webcasts, social marketing, banner ads, blogs, pop-ups, pop-unders, email, and short films. Additionally, key aspects such as the level of creativity in media, ethics in messaging, and the targeting of youth and minority groups will be analyzed.

Emerging media — through the art and science of digitization — is about the end user. Consumers today have the luxury of selecting the advertising mediums they choose entertain and incorporate into their daily lives. Therefore, companies must remain intimately aware of their constituents’ preferences in order to remain connected to them. Tenets such as multi-intuitivity, interactivity, and real-time responsiveness, raise the level and utility of media performance and therefore, the overall functionality of emerging media in general.



About buzzsiekman

By way of introduction, my name is Chris Siekman and I have the privilege of serving our Nation as a Marine. I am currently deployed to Helmand Province, Afghanistan as the Assistant Fire Support Coordinator for Regimental Combat Team-1. I’ve been here since September 6, 2010 and will return September 2011. I also served in the Navy’s enlisted rank and file back in the early 1990s as an intelligence specialist. Afterwards, I was a State Trooper in Ohio for eight years, mainly serving in the Columbus area as both a Trooper and a Sergeant. I have been in the Marines since 2003. In 2002, I received a B.S. in Public Safety Management from Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio). My wife, Rebecca, and 18-month old Black Labrador, Boomer, reside in San Clemente, California. Rebecca works on the administration team at a high school in Orange County. Very respectfully, Chris View all posts by buzzsiekman

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